Lymphedema Characteristics and the Efficacy of Complex Decongestive Physiotherapy in Malignant Lymphedema.

The internal structure of a lymph vessel

The aim of this study is to identify the lymphedema characteristics and the efficacy of complex decongestive physiotherapy (CDP) in 29 patients with malignant lymphedema. After CDP, total decreased volume of lymphedema was 306 mL, percentage of excess volume (PEV) changed from 43.4% to 22.7%, and lymphedema severity improved from severe to moderate status. The CDP efficacy-percentage reduction in excess volume (PREV) was 46.6%. The stage of lymphedema (P = .004), range of motion (P < .001), pain, heaviness, and tension scores (P < .001) were significantly improved after CDP.

This shows that CDP is efficacious and useful in malignant lymphedema.


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