Rotation exercise classes did not improve function in women with non-specific chronic low back pain: A randomized single blind controlled study.

Physiotherapist is rehabilitating young woman back in medical office

Exercise is considered the first line of treatment for people with non-specific chronic low back pain (NSCLBP) but the ideal exercise type is currently unclear. Given the unique anatomical structure of the lower lumbar spine and the lumbosacral junction transverse-plane rotation exercises may be helpful for people suffering from pain in this region. The authors aimed to examine the effect of spinal rotation exercises delivered in a group format on range of motion, pain level and function parameters in women with NSCLBP. This was a randomized controlled single-blinded study. Thirty-five women with NSCLBP, participated in either a bi-weekly rotation exercise classes (n= 20) or a `wait-list’ control group (n = 15). The exercises aimed at improving lumbar mobility in the transverse plane. Pain rated on a Visual Analog Scale, back specific disability (Rolland Morris questionnaire), and lumbar range of motion (flexion, extension and left and right rotation) were taken prior to intervention, immediately following 4 weeks of intervention and 8 weeks later.

There were no significant differences for either group (p> 0.05) on all dependent variables at all times of measurements.


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