Over 60 new global health resources available on PP+

Physiopedia global health course starts 9 January 2017

There are now over 60 new  global health resources available in our e-library and resource centre exclusively available on PP+. This includes 2 book chapters, 45 articles, 3 videos and 11 international reports. All resources are available to use at each members convenience.

Chapter highlights include:

  • Section I: Introduction. Introduction to Concepts of Pathology in Goodman CC, Fuller KS. Pathology: Implications for the Physical Therapist. Elsevier Health Sciences; 2014 Nov 5.
  • Part 1 Thinking about Health and Health Promotion in Scriven A. Promoting Health: A Practical Guide: Forewords: Linda Ewles & Ina Simnett; Richard Parish. Elsevier Health Sciences; 2010 May 4.

The latest journal articles including:

  • Skinner, M. Physiotherapy’s Place in the World. New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy. 2015 Nov 43;3:73-74.
  • Lancet T. The struggle for universal health coverage. Vol 380, September 8, 2012.
  • Schoeb V. Non-communicable diseases are the biggest challenges of the 21 st century: What is the physiotherapist’s role in global health?. Hong Kong Physiotherapy Journal. 2016 Dec 31;35:A1-2.
  • Sheppard PS, Landry MD. Lessons from the 2015 Earthquake (s) in Nepal: Implication for Rehabilitation. Disability and Rehabilitation. 2016 Apr 23;38(9):910-3.

Policy and reports including:

  • World Confederation of Physical Therapy Strategic Plan 2017 – 2021
  • Kickbusch I. Global Health Governance Challenges 2016 – Are We Ready? International Journal of Health Policy and Management. 2016 Jun;5(6):349.
  • World Health Organization. 2015 global reference list of 100 core health indicators.

Videos including:

  • Dr Veronika Schoeb – NCDs and physiotherapy.
  • Interview with Dr Emma Stokes on Global Health.

All of these resources were recently used in the global health course which ended recently on PP+. You can access the course and complete it in your own time in the near future.

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My interest in health and fitness started at a young age. Even though I had been educated and trained as an engineer in Europe I always want to follow my passion. I have made some guest appearances on a health educational program TV in Europe and, this experience, has made me follow my passion of sharing wellness information with others.

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